The history of Ted Richmond and the Wilderness Library
by Dennis L. Raney

Who was James Theodore Richmond? What was the Wilderness Library? What happened to Ted after his disappearance in the mid-1950's? You'll find the answers here and in the "Down Twilight Trail" online book.

NOTE: To this day, many people in Newton County, Arkansas have heard the story of Ted's disappearance from the area. This story, has carried on for many years, however recently I have learned that Ted went on to live a very fulfilling life after he left his wilderness home. This is wonderful news.

Library 2002
J.L. Raney Branch of the Wilderness Library in 2002
Original Library
and in the 1950's.

From the book "Myths from many lands" -- selected and arranged by Eva March Tappan.
book mark

Wilderness Library book that was donated from the Los Alamos Atomic Energy Commision.

U.S. Atomic Energy Comm. Los Alamos

I will purchase any original artwork or engraving work by W. Paul Holland of Springfield, Mo.

If you have any artwork by Mr. Holland and want to sell it, please contact me at:

Please be sure and visit our W. Paul Holland photo gallery: W. Paul Holland Photos

I'm in desperate need of a researcher in the Washington, DC area to help search at the National Archives for three films by Norman Weissman. Expenses for me to travel and do the research personally are prohibitive at this moment.

This is the information I received personally from Mr. Weissman:

Your best bet is to find out what happened to the USIS film Libraries collection of 16mm prints....Were they destroyed? Or turned over the National Archives which has a separate film archive or depository in the Washington area.

And additional clue is the possibility that a portion of the longer "Wilderness Library" film was edited into the USIA Newsreel, a monthly news magazine like the "March Of Time".

So in searching the archives look into the USIA Newsreels of 1952-53.

Venturing the Buffalo River

Hi-def kayak trip down the Buffalo River in Arkansas.

Features history, geology, route description, whitewater segment, and a tribute to the Buffalo River Valley residents, as well as days 1-7 of trip.

Folks, I high recommend that you view this video Venturing the Buffalo River and the other GREAT videos that SpinStream has produced (SpinStream)

I guarantee you will not find a better video produced on the history and kayaking of the Buffalo River. The production quality, high definition video, expert narration, and history of the river are TOP NOTCH.

I guarantee that you'll want to watch this video and others over and over again.

Thanks to William (Bill) Warren and the GREAT team for producing this video.

Ted Richmond, G.I. for Newton County RepresentativeAnother find, this card describing Ted Richmond as the G.I. candidate for Newton County Representative.
Ted Richmond at "The Point" over looking the Buffalo River valleyI recently discovered this image of Ted (always the teacher) and a group of people at "The Point" a locally famous overlook of the National Buffalo River park. Jefferson L. Raney is the gentleman on the left with the hat farthest from the camera.

In Memorium to the "Little Pioneer Woman".

To our mountain came a lady,
And ere with us many days,
All who came in contact with her
Praised her sweet and gentle ways.

More and more we grew to love her
As we frequently did meet;
And she blessed us with the sunshine
Of her presence, pure and sweet.

Not one person failed to love her---
In her home they'd come and go---
Somehow made you think of Jesus
Lifting hearts bowed down in woe.

But one day God sent an angel
Bidding her in haste to come;
For he had her mansion ready
In that blessed heavenly home.

Lonely hearts she leaves behind her,
How we miss her! Tongue can't tell.
But we feel the Master knoweth
And he doeth all things well.

So let's look above the shadows,
For we know it won't be long
Till we meet her "over yonder,"
Where we'll sing the victor's song.

Mollie Barr.

It has been awhile since the last update on the web site, so I thought I would jot a few notes to let everyone know that progress is being made, slowly at this time, but things are moving forward.

I've met and talked to many wonderful people and they continue to provide me with great information regarding Ted, his family, and friends.

The short BIO is still in rough draft and edits are almost a weekly function as I continue to find new information.

There are other plans currently in the works that I'm very excited about and will bring many wonderful things to everyone in the name of Ted and his labor of love, the Wilderness Library. I will be requesting help from volunteers in the very near future, so be ready if called upon. Ted could not have done what he did without the help of so many caring and great friends.

As always, continue to send me information and personal stories you may have on Ted and the library.

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